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We can install a wide range of fencing

We are a local fencing business , known for installing high quality fencing. Our office team provides great customer service , from the beginning to the end of the job . We are happy to provide you with an estimate on domestic and commercial jobs.

Close Board Fencing

When it comes to privacy and dependable results, Close board fencing is a great choice. It comes in a range of styles, which are not only attractive, but also provide long-lasting results when installed properly.

Picket Fencing

Usually shorter than other types of fencing, this type of fence is an extremely attractive way to enclose a garden without interfering with its view. It is a classic design with vertical wooden boards, as well.

Trellis Fencing

Trellis Panels are extremely popular wooden timber panels with many uses, including creating borders making a feature or display, providing screening, providing supporting climbing plants, and adding height to existing fencing.

Knee Rail Fencing

This is ideal for restricting vehicle access, as the name states it is usually at a height of around 0.9 – 1.2m.

Frequently Asked Questions


Each Droplet is billed per hour up to its monthly cap. You can choose to fund your account via PayPal or you can pay your monthly bill via credit card.

Each Droplet is billed per hour up to its monthly cap. The monthly cost of your Droplet is calculated by running the hourly rate for 28 days (672 hours). Once you reach that amount (e.g. $10/mo for a 1GB VPS), you will not be charged for your server's additional runtime. This allows you to destroy your server before the maximum monthly charge and pay only for what you use.

Yes. Your diskspace, CPU, RAM, and IP address are all reserved while your Droplet is powered off. If you want to save a Droplet for future use take a snapshot of it and then destroy it. You'll be able to create a new Droplet from the snapshot image anytime to bring it back online.

No — you only need to pay for 1 hour of usage. Spinning up a new 512MB server just to test something for a couple of minutes will only cost you $0.0074

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